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Nicky Forsman is a storyteller. She has grown up in the world of film and television, both as a consumer and creator. Over her 14-year career Nicky has written, produced and directed nearly 200 hours of content.

First venturing into the feature film world at the tender age of 20, Nicky started her career as a producer working to connect her creative ideas to her business acumen. This ability led Nicky to a full time position as a development and production executive with Canada’s LGBTQ network, OUTtv, a role she held for over a decade.

In her tenure at OUTtv Nicky worked to develop, produce and direct content for an international market. To date, she is most proud of her original travel series Operation: Vacation, and educational dramatic series #STI. These series aim to inspire, educate and even in small part, change lives. This desire to move her audiences is what brought Nicky to her current focus, directing. 

Nicky brings a unique perspective to the directors chair. Her experience in documentary and reality work has taught Nicky how to bring out and build emotion organically an ability that allows her to pull that same authenticity from her actors performances. Nicky’s career to date has also brought her an incredible understanding of this business and the value of each shoot day. As a result, she prides herself on her ability to stick to a schedule and simply put, make her days. 

Nicky has always excelled at bringing people of diverse skill sets together to combine their art and tell a story.  She is an ambitious, motivated leader who thrives on the process of heads, hands and hearts working together to bring a vision to life aka, filmmaking. 

If you have a project that needs a creative, positive and energetic voice to tell your story, Nicky is the director for you.

Latest Episode

#STI is a creative, dramatic and entertaining multi-platform experience aimed at promoting sexual health and education across North America. After a brief intro from a certified sexual health educator each episode of #STI begins with a speech from a doctor that no-one ever wants to hear, one of our characters has contracted an STI. Without revealing that patients identity we immediately flashback to see the story unfold as the audience must work to uncover who the mystery patient might be. 

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